CDM has adopted the newest digital black and white technology and become the lighthouse site for Fuji Xerox in Australia. We are the earliest recipients of the Xerox Nuvera 288 High-end Production digital range of equipment. This technology will revolutionise digital printing as we know it in Australia.

Our investment in our current economic climate will provide opportunities in areas of offset transfer and high-quality digital print. This is destined to create a new frontier in the supply of volume print, highest quality output, environmental lessened impact and variable 1:1 single colour applications.

We also have a new independent range of software workflows to further enhance these applications presented through our investment into the Nuvera technology.

Our complement of both high-end production colour and black and white technology gives our customers the greatest levels of capacity, quality and cost-effectiveness operating in Australian markets today and in the foreseeable future.

Coupled with our online web ordering processes, we become once more the benchmark in pioneering digital print applications to corporate clients operating in Australia and overseas.

Our clients will enjoy unsurpassed service enabling local and global reach in quality, distribution and in all aspects of printing today and we remain at the forefront of these technology shifts.

For a full list of our current printing/finishing equipment, please contact us.

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