At CDM Print we are passionate about being sustainable and are aware of our impact on the environment. That is why we have chosen to be a step beyond the rest and become a leader in gaining ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification (Certification number: 14738) within the printing industry and our on-going commitment and continual improvement will see that we retain the certification.

Our environmental and sustainability initiatives cover many areas including energy efficiency and waste management to create a truly sustainable “Print-On-Demand” environment.

We are an active organisation with staff embracing and constantly seeking the most environmentally positive methods of print and supply in our market. The greatest impact our business has on our environment is both consumption of materials (e.g. paper, boards, toner) and energy.

Our EMS Team (Environmental Management System Team) attends additional seminars, events and training of environmental and sustainability programs. This provides an ongoing opportunity to further our evolution in these areas. We have regular reviews to ensure that we are in compliance with our corporate standards and EMS systems.

CDM’s current environmental and sustainability initiatives include

  • Implementing an overall CDM Environmental Policy. Please click here to download a softcopy or for a hardcopy to be sent to you, please contact us.
  • Successfully completing the comprehensive GASAA Environmental Management Course based on the requirements of ISO14001 and we are now a “Truly Green” GASAA authorised print service provider.
  • Gaining ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification.
  • Purchasing the majority of our sourced paper/board stock as either ISO14001 certified and/or FSC certified.
  • Recycling 100% of paper/board waste.
  • Monitoring and controlling energy consumption with our digital printer acquisitions, computers, finishing equipment and air conditioning. Our internal staff are also committed to powering down and switching off machinery when not in use. Our monthly charting is then displayed for all staff to view the energy usage per million impressions to provide the efficiency of our equipment.
  • Recycling all printer toner cartridges by sending them back to suppliers to be reconditioned and reused, e.g. Fuji Xerox has a 0% Landfill Policy.
  • All IT equipment is removed and recycled by 1800 E-Waste, where 95-98%, by weight, will be recycled for future use.
  • Recycling aluminium, plastic and glass with Visy Recycling Commingle Bins.
  • Establishing a process to allow for continual environmental performance improvement aligned with our objectives and targets.
  • We supply Aurora EarthCare Binders to our environmentally-friendly clients. They are made with 70% recycled material and are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. They contain NO VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Joining the Sustainability Advantage program and we are committed to strengthening our environmental performance through collaboration with the NSW Government - Office of Environment and Heritage.
Sustainability | CDM Print
Sustainability | CDM Print
Sustainability | CDM Print

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