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High quality, digital colour, on-demand printing has been developing at a rapid rate and is the fastest growth element within the ever-changing print industry today. CDM has an ongoing commitment to our partners, which provide this equipment. We have a collaborative relationship and we best relate to these equipment suppliers the market demands for quality, speed, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Colour, when used correctly, can provide a powerful way for you to present documentation to your market. Important information is provided in full colour by our high quality output devices. While this opportunity for customers is to provide full colour output, it does not mean the replacement of more traditional offset applications. High quantity colour reproduction through offset is still favoured and cost competitive. The real opportunities for your company are the applications unavailable through offset, such as variable print and images, as well as on-demand print philosophies applied to a broadening market segment.

We accept most file types in both PC & Mac formats and in addition we provide support, including PDF file preparation and pre-flight capabilities.

CDM also provides the following Services and Benefits to our clients


  • Low/high volume black and white and full colour digital printing
  • Variety of in-house printing/finishing equipment & technology - for a full list of our current printing/finishing equipment, please contact us.
  • Integrated print solutions across offset and digital platforms
  • Fully-maintained Online Ordering System
  • Dedicated Sales and CSR
  • Knowledge-based solutions
  • Fast turnaround
  • Graphic design and document/image management
  • Confidentiality
  • Direct delivery and inventory options


  • High quality black and white and full colour output
  • On-demand and variable 1:1 marketing opportunities
  • Access to high level of quality equipment and technology - in-house and/or outsourced
  • Full integration of production from concept to distribution
  • Warehousing costs greatly reduced
  • Clients return to core business activity
  • Cost saving initiatives
  • Zero physical printed inventory, therefore no wastage
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Total business analysis

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